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‘Cloak The Night’ is a documentary which follows the recording process of the new album by Wellington heavy metal act Bulletbelt

In association with Hell Pizza, ‘Cloak The Night’ is a short documentary that follows Wellington metal giants Bulletbelt as they track their third studio album ‘Nine Centuries’. The documentary will premiere at 3pm on 09 September 2017 at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, 84 Taranaki Street, Wellington. General Admission Tickets are $5 + booking fee and available now from UTR.

Bulletbelt’s new album, ‘Nine Centuries’, is about The Burning Times and witch trials during the Dark Ages up to the nineteenth century. The band relocated to Auckland for a week and worked with engineer Cam Sinclair (ex-Diocletian / Bridge Burner) at The Lab Studio to track the album. The band was followed throughout that week by video producer Amber Beaton who documented the process through one-on-one interviews and in-studio sessions. The documentary sees its world premiere at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision in Wellington on 09 September 2017. ‘Nine Centuries’ will be released late 2017 with an accompanying music video currently in pre-production.


Originally published July 25 2017
Updated November 15th 2017

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