Winter Brrrlesque

Winter Brrrlesque 26th July 2014

brrrlesqueSome people enjoy warming their bones by the fire on a chilly winter’s night. Others may go for a nice walk or enjoy a hot toddy. But Altearoa enjoy finding new ways to keep the blood pumping and Winter Brrrlesque at Club 604 was just the ticket this weekend. The club was fairly full throughout the night, providing a casual atmosphere for the eager punters. Generous bar deals kept the drinks flowing, the music was pumping and the performances were enchanting.

A delectable mini-catwalk show by the stunning Living Dolls lead the show. The first show was a cheeky display, with bad-ass bandanna inspired bikinis, sassy spikes and sparkles galore. Several purrrfect models were wearing cat styled accessories – a phantom style mask, adorable ears and suspender style kitty tights, making for a youthful, fun set. The heels were high and the jaws had hit the floor by the end of this first show.

Following the Living Dolls was a devastating performance from Canterbury’s own Bonita Danger Doll. Emerging from back stage, the eloquent starlet was adorned with balloons and armed with a feather topped popper. Oozing sex appeal, the bubbly brunette stalked through the crowds like a jaguar, inviting punters to burst her balloons, revealing more and more of the scarlet clad siren, before taking to the stage to end her performance with a bang! And a carefully placed feather boa.

Following an interval, where some goodies were distributed to the eager crowd, the Living Dolls took to the runway again. This set was more subdued, but just as wowing! Romantic curls and glamorous accessories transformed the previously brazen models into divine modern day goddesses, adorned in creamy golds and soft whites. This was definitely the more mature of the mini-catwalk shows, dripping with a sophisticated, Gatsby style charm. After this teaser, we cannot wait to
see what the Living Dolls have in store for their annual Living Dolls show in August. Way to leave them wanting more!

Finishing up the night, Bonita took to the stage again for a wet and wild set. Cinched into a sparkly white corset and Grecian styled skirt, Miss Danger Doll almost looked demure as she slinked down the stage. That was quickly changed however as the gorgeous entertainer revved up, soon stripping down a layer and utilizing some feather fans. Next, Bonita served the crowd a delight for the senses, slinking about to Diamond’s Are A Girls Best Friend before jumping into her giant size martini glass and showering the party with champagne, ending the night on a high!

Winter Brrrlesque at Club 604 was a titillating way to warm up a brisk Saturday night, just what this Altearoa journalist needed! Here’s hoping Club 604 will do this again, next time I’m sure it will be bigger and better than ever!

– Stella McGuigan

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