Villainy – Live @ San Fran

The night was Saturday, 20th July, a crowd was lined up ready to enter San Fran for a night of their lives, because none other than New Zealand rock legends, Villainy, were about to set the roof on fire! Opening with Raised in the Dark, the crowd was full of energy and having this as their starting song was obviously a wise choice! And it didn’t stop there, the crowd were singing right from the start through to the end. Seeing the enthusiasm from the crowd for a home-grown band like Villainy, was sure a surprise, but at the same time, definitely expected. The floor was constantly moving with the crowd constantly dancing.

Neil Fraser performed all their songs with ease. Especially with their song, No Future, it was very clear and well mixed for a non-arena venue. There were no audible mistakes throughout their set, which made it easy for new fans to get into (easily accessible rock), while offering a great experience for longtime fans, due to the mixing and crowd vibes. Not having a lot of room on stage, Villainy utilised it well. They would constantly be interacting with the crowd on both sides as well as each other on stage. Villainy don’t just play guitars, bass, drums etc; Villainy perform to the crowds, and that’s what makes them iconic and easily memorable.

Overall, in my opinion, San Fran wasn’t the best place for Villainy, due to their sound, as I see that Villainy are destined for bigger stages with more people. But in saying that, it is definitely easy to see why this was a sold out event. Villainy left everyone exhausted.

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