The Snake Behaviour – Serpent Psychology

Initial reaction… Oh Wow!
Followed by… This is madness
Finally… This came from Christchurch?!

Yes, that’s right… I am talking about The Snake Behaviours debut album, Serpent Psychology, proudly brought to us by Madhouse Records. TSB consists of Chris Bull (Vocals), Samuel Keen (Drums + Vox), Michael Gibbs (Guitar) and Sam Grueber (Bass), and formed in 2002.

Hailing from the shaky city of Christchurch, their grunge and unique sound is what makes this album simply… AMAZING! And let me tell you why. I’ll never forget the first time I saw TSB. 6 years ago, at the Prebbleton Tavern in Christchurch, the gave an acoustic performance. I was given the chance to meet with them, you can check out the video of the interview here.

The stunning 10 track album, Serpent Psychology, features their hit singles “Ragnarok”, “Lights Out” and “Reaper”; it also includes previously unreleased tracks “Skin” and “Mudslinger”. “Ragnarok” is easily one of my favourite tracks; it has a catchiness and rhythm that just gets the soul juices flowing. My interpretation is that the song is about the end of the world and the doomsday clock going off;  humanity can’t do anything to stop the inevitable and has to endure the oncoming events.

“Lights Out” was one of their earlier singles on the album, and it visits the point in mental illness where the sufferer either snaps, or turns their life around. It’s an incredibly emotional and meaningful track; it gets you right in the feels!  Their cover of the Pennywise song “Bro Hymn” has a unique TSB sound to it that definitely does the original justice. It’s quite clear that TSB had a lot of fun recording this, and seeing them perform the song live is an incredible experience!

The only downside is, as I’ve seen TSB many times live and know the guys, there wasn’t a lot that was new to me on the album. But in saying that, “Mudslinger” more than makes up for that; not only does it give off a Motorhead vibe, but it’s also a great track to groove to. From what I have read, and heard, this album has a lot of hidden meanings, especially in the lines of mental illness which is something that hits close to home for the members of TSB, and also to most New Zealanders.

With this album in mind, and seeing their personal growth over a number of years, I can safely say The Snake Behaviour is one of those bands to take the country by storm. And they definitely have the vibe that could bring them success overseas.

If you’re ever given the chance to see The Snake Behaviour live, I highly recommend you snap up the opportunity! These guys are destined for success, and unquestionably one to add to the bucket list.

You can check out more here:
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You can check them out on Spotify and iTunes now!

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