The Narcocorrido Tour

Featuring; 8 Foot Sativa, & Head Like A Hole, in Christchurch 1st August 2015

NarcocorridoWhere the fuck do I start on this review? What a night, two of NZ’s biggest bands taking Christchurch for one hell of a ride, and what a wicked ride it was too.

It all kicked off with 8 Foot taking the stage and ripping it the fuck up. Playing songs from Hate Made Me, Season For Assault, & The Shadow Masters. The crowd ate it all up, even getting 8 Foot back out to perform one more song, so they tore it up with Chelsea Smile (a personal favourite of mine). I spoke to Rom (Bassist) while Head Like A Hole (HLAH) were setting up, he told me they weren’t expecting that and didn’t know what to play, so next time boys expect to be asked for an encore! Rom also told me some tit bits that I’ll leave for 8 Foot Sativa to release; I’m not going to blow that news for them, but keep an eye out everyone. Unfortunately Gary Smith couldn’t be with the band for personal reasons, and my thoughts go out to him and his family throughout this period in his life, but the boys did you proud Gary, they shredded it up in true 8 Foot fashion.

Head Like A Hole took the stage and proved why they are a driving force in NZ rock music. I swear I could name almost every song they played, and I loved every fucking second of it. Even though I first heard HLAH in my teens, I still remember the songs, the lyrics, the brilliance, that is Head Like A Hole. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to speak to HLAH after their show but hopefully we’ll catch them next time.

This was a mad concert, absolutely fucking amazing. I can’t wait for either 8 Foot or HLAH to come back to Christchurch. Cause I’ll fucking be there, and I don’t fucking care what it costs me to get in either.

– Ken De Montalk


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