The Heathen Collective – Reflective

When I write these reviews, I like to do a bit of background on them, jump on their Facebook page for example. The Heathen Collective market themselves as metal band from our countries capitol, and while I hear there is a strong metal influence there, there is also a bit more to it, like a deeper, grungier sound but groovy at the same time. I can’t quite figure out what it is but it’s kind of like a low tempo, low register, grunge metal sound. Whatever it is, it’s fucking badass, and sounds like it would make for a great live show.

The album opens with this slow, melodic wee intro, titled for the album ‘Reflective (Intro)’, that feels like it’s building into a dirty big riff but it does end rather abruptly before leading into ‘Smoke And Mirrors’. It’s a great way to open an album, I’ve always been a fan of that intro song, something to ease the listener in before slamming out the metal.

Then it pulls into the grunge metal, but therein lies a problem for me it’s a problem in all grunge music, the songs sound very much the same. It’s like all the guitars were recorded in exactly the same tune and tone. While there is some undeniable talent here, I would have liked to hear a bit more range and diversity from them.

All in all, I like The Heathen Collective’s album Reflective, I’ve been listening to Reflective for about a week now and I thoroughly enjoy what The Heathen Collective have created. I’m pleased to hear that this music is out there, I’m based in Christchurch and it’s only really now that I’m starting to hear the kiwi music being made around the rest of the country. I’ve even gone back and checked out The Heathen Collective’s earlier music and their stuff on YouTube. If you’re a fan of metal they’re worth checking out.

– Ken de Montalk

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