The Empty Jar

Bodega hosted one of the kick ass cover bands New Zealand has to accommodate, that would be Fade to Black: The Metallica Experience.

With almost a full house, the crowd was fist pumping, moshing and really getting into the covers voiced by the grunty Isaac Elsmore. Shredding the guitar with his powerful solos was Jayden Hughes. Backing the boys was the one with the kicks, Jordan Hotton and bassist Robert Wright.

The boys covered the classics like Master of Puppets, Where Ever I May Roam, One and Fuel. They stayed as true to the legends of rock by even bringing in the sound effects of war for the song One. Just as they left the stage, they returned for not just one but three encores. Enter Sandman, Four Horsemen and Seek & Destroy.

The only disappointing thing that I found that night, was the fact that they did not cover Whiskey In The Jar, which is of course a fan favourite. Apart from this disappointment, the show was a hit and definitely one to see if you can.

 – Lexa Dixon

Fade to Black, Wellington 20th August 2016 

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