The Death Do Us Part Danger Show

A thrilling evening of death defying stunts, hypnotic body movement, and one man and his balls. The Death Do Us Part Danger Show is selling out across New Zealand. Daring couple Charlie & Rachel Atlas have come all the way from the U.K. bringing Bald With Balls (Sweden), and Australia’s own human heatwave Jacqueline Furey.

An unforgettable display of body movement Jacqueline Furey brings the Aussie heat to the stage. With a clear history in dance she maintains incomparable grace and poise for a show you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Not to miss out on a dance with danger, Furey, falls victim to the Atlas couple more than once. Though her way with fire will entice you as she lives up to ‘The Human Heatwave’ title.

Balls. Balls. Balls. Bald With Balls brings a wide array of tricks to the stage and more balls that you know what to do with. To call him a juggler would be a wild understatement, the things he can do with his hands and his mouth will amaze. A whole array of amusing antics, from impressive bounce juggling to fun with party poppers, balloons and wooden spoons. More than just Bald With Balls he’s a majestic unicorn in tight pink shorts.

Rachel Atlas played the beautiful MC for the evening sporting an assortment is jaw dropping costumes. When she wasn’t avoiding Charlies deadly knives that is. This incredible couple brings a show like no other to the stage. Rachel entertains the crowd with some wonderful wit and humour but will dance with death even without Charlie, her own fun with blades, and one lucky audience member to pull Excalibur. Danger, whips, knives, and the sound of popping balloons.

An incredibly arranged show in three parts featuring a variety of acts from all the amazing performers it should not be missed. Unfortunately, the chances of getting to run away with ‘Magic Charlie’ or Rachel after the show are pretty slim, any couple that can survive the hurling of throwing cleavers, can survive anything. With shows selling out around the country don’t wait to get a ticket, along with Skinfarm III in 2015, this has been one of the best shows to be seen in Christchurch.

Death Do Us Part Danger Show
Bald With Balls
Jacqueline Furey

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