The Burlesque Collective – All That Glitters

AllThatGlittersWalking in, the stage was set, the night was themed for 1930’s and 40’s. An era I’m particularly fond of, also the era that gave birth to burlesque as we know it, and it’s this appreciation for the roots of their passion that gives me a massive respect for them and their craft.

The debut show from The Burlesque Collective, founded in August 2015, comprised of Sera ToninAurora StormSapphire MatizzeMythical HazeLily Von TryxHeaven Z’dorTiger Luci, Pixie LaRue, Amber Dextris and Constance Maehem. Each woman brings their own flare and flavour to the newly formed group as it takes on the New Zealand burlesque industry. Driving this particular show forward was Nelson’s very own Jasmine Tease.

The show kicked off with a musical number, setting the tone for a very traditional show, one full of comedy, vocal talents and of course, NUDITY. The Burlesque Collective did a very fine job indeed taking us through a wicked variety of performances. The half time interlude was a very uplifting experience with Tiger Luci shaving her head for the Shave for a Cure foundation, making $284 on the night and donating her hair to make a wig for others in need. The second half got very raunchy indeed, the second half went NEXT LEVEL. The icing on the cake was when Sera Tonin, Mythical Haze, Sapphire Matizze and Aurora Storm took the stage for one jaw dropping group performance.

If this is what The Burlesque Collective can pull off for a first performance, I look forward to seeing what they come up with next and potentially working with The Burlesque Collective in the future.

– Ken de Montalk


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