Tainted – Into Temptation

Tainted-IntoTemptationOk… God damn… I wanted to write this up after a fucking solid first day of listening. But no, I stuck to the process, I gave it a full seven days and Into Temptation is all I listened too for those seven days. I’m still listening to it now. So far this has already made my top three NZ metal albums next to Bulletbelt’s Rise of the Banshee and 8 Foot Sativa’s Season for Assault and it got there very bloody quickly.

There are very few bands that I find nothing to critique but Into Temptation is one of those rare gems. You find yourself trying to critique them just so you don’t sound like you’re kissing the bands collective ass, and in previous reviews I’ve been quite brutally honest, but I tried to critique Into Temptation and I can’t, I just fucking can’t. I love the vocals, I love the guitar riffs, I love how the bass stands out enough on some tracks to make that bit of difference.

I think it’s obvious there is nothing I don’t like about Into Temptation. Start to finish, this is one I 100% love. I first heard of Tainted many years back but had no access to their music. I only finally heard Tainted’s music when they opened for Hellyeah on their Blood for Blood Tour 2015 live at The Bedford and was very tempted to buy Into Temptation there and then but lack of money shot that down.

Since then I now have my own physical copy of Into Temptation, listen to them almost daily on Spotify and am looking for merch. Tainted is one band I want to see go far, really far, I want them to go HUGE.

 – Ken de Montalk


**Disclaimer: I want to make this clear, Tainted have not paid me or Altearoa for this review no matter how it sounds**

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