State of Malice – Self-Titled EP

somThis is killer. Some days I hate doing reviews cause I have to write about something that blew my fucking mind. This is one of those times. Frostocalypse opened my eyes to State of Malice, while Vince and I were going over band line up. We found their YouTube Channel  and we lost our shit. And this EP is very much like that for me.

It kicks off very grungy, Track # 01, Charge, is very catchy, and I think each song on the EP has its own charm. Something that gets you up and head banging. If I had to pick a favourite track off this EP, It would have to be Devil in a Dress. There is so much going on in the track that all fits, it really shows off State of Malice’s co-ordination. These guys have everything together. Slow does not suit State of Malice. You get a taste of that at the start of Crossed the Line, and I’m just not a fan. They know fast, that’s their thing, Props for trying though. You gotta give that a go.

7 songs. That’s all this takes… 7 brutal songs to make me scream out for a full album. I hope State of Malice gets the chance to create a full album cause I’d buy the shit out of that and I’d happily put it up with the 8 Foot Sativa Collection, Tainted and Beastwars. Oh and now the State of Malice.

 – Ken De Montalk

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