Starving Millions – V

It’s been a while since a review come my way. Feels like quite some time indeed. Why not start with Starving Millions new EP called V. Wellington based band with a very punk heavy focus, while pushing it that bit further into the “hardcore” genre (always a winner in my books) which is refreshing because thinking back, the only other NZ punk band I can think of is The Bleeders.

V is a mixed bag, it showcases what the band has learned over their member changes and years of touring. ‘These Times Pts I and II‘ have a slower pace, showcasing that Starving Millions aren’t just guitar heavy punks; but then you have ‘Fear and Hate’ that goes full punk, turns the amps up to 11 and throws the middle finger and screams “FUCK YOU” to society. And taking the more “hardcore” route is ‘Us and Them’, distorted bass guitar, blast beats coming from the drums, and that feeling that you can take on the world when you listen to this song. Their song titled ‘Self Important Fool’ kind of tries to mix all of the elements, while it feels out of place after listening to ‘Us and Them’, it has that early punk sound, which gives it its place on here.

Starving Millions sound is clean. Every component of Starving Millions is heard on V, the drums have a crisp snap to them, the bass has that low, distorted, grungy sound with the guitars layered over top. Then there are the vocals in front, right there, in your face, true punk. All in all, I fucking love Starving Millions. I’m pleased that punk is making a comeback. Starving Millions is a band that I will continue of follow on Spotify (notifications of new music are on by the way guys).

Starving Millions – With His Knife Drawn
IV (2016)


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