SKINfarm III 25th January 2015

Venus Starr
Venus Starr

The evening kicked off with the “professional weirdo” MC, Jenn O Cide, all the way from the show biz capital of the US, Vegas, just to make our sides split with her own blend of acidic, pain junkie humour. In between acts, this teal haired vixen of almost Amazonian height had us enthralled with some pain defying tricks like using a staple gun to adhere things to her body and to others, and having a small snack of broken, stolen, wineglass. After challenging the crowd to be the loudest they could possibly be, Jenn introduced our first act, Miss Venus Star.Pain freaks, sadists and voyeurs from all over the world congregated this Sunday at Allen Street Rock Bar for one show they would rather die than miss – SKINfarm III. The third installation in beautiful grotesque art was a major hit, drawing in a big crowd, all of whom were shivering with delight at the thought of seeing some of the world’s best stars get down and bloody for their pleasure. For most of the crowd, a hardcore party was just what they doctor ordered, many had been working hard at SUSCON AUSTRALASIA 2015, which had ended the day before.

Venus, who is New Zealand Burlesque Royalty, captivated the crowd with a beautiful and thrilling aerial silks act. Clad in violet, lavender and a green caged corset, a hooded Starr stalked onto the stage, gyrating and enrapturing the crowd with her artistic seduction. With graceful climbs and seductive falls, the silks and Venus became one twirling organism, not one eye in the house was distracted from her elegant display of acrobatics and dance.

Next upon the Allen Street stage was another Kiwi Superstar who can, and will, turn washing dishes into entertainment. Hailing from our capital city, Miss Anthropy/Hannah Tasker Poland astonished the crowd with a well-loved Meat Act. Dressed in a small meat wrap outfit, Hannah channeled raw intense sexuality as she cavorted, flicking between human and animalistic flawlessly. As she removed her meat, the act got more and more frenzied, culminating in Miss Anthropy tearing chunks of prosthetics off her body and pouncing around the stage like a surprisingly sexual rabid canine. The blood was dripping and the hearts were pounding as this Wellingtonian showstopper concluded her performance.

After that was something a little more intimate. Courtney Crave, a self-described fetish Mädchen, came thousands of miles to tickle our kiwi senses with an astonishingly sensual suspension act. Angelic and attired in white, with feathers inserted by needles into her arms, the celestial Courtney, along with her devilish side kick, showcased the first suspension of the night. As Miss Crave seductively danced she removed her wings, letting each feather drop to the ground, as her demon lay resting upon the ground. Then the delicate Texan was suspended, and in a breathtaking and elegant display the devil awoke and jumped into the angels arms in a suspended almost loving way. The two swung in the air together for several minutes before the devilish side kick disappeared and Courtney Crave graciously received her ovations.

Miss Anthropy
Miss Anthropy

The night was coming to a close. The crowd was pumped and thrilled, but they had one more act left to tantalize the senses. The amazing Von Cyborg family travelled from their native UK to come freak us out with their unbelievable act “The Portrait of a Serial Killer”. The stage was set with a medical tray, four red candles, an electric screw driver and an easel, complete with art supplies, as the trio of performers strode out onto the stage. Sampaa Von Cyborg and his two vixens got straight to work. One, dressed as a nun, held a wine glass to the other as Sampaa inserted many needles, over and over, into her skull, letting the blood cascade down her eyelashes, chest and legs. When enough blood had been collected, Sampaa left the piercings to his Nun assistant as he started painting with his submissive’s blood. As the portrait took shape, the Nun dripped red hot candle wax upon Aneta Von Cyborg as she writhed in pleasure upon the stage. When Sampaa had finished the stunning portrait, he grabbed Aneta by some hooks on her arm and ran a drill through her skin, inciting blood lust in the crowd. As Sampaa and the Nun walked off, an assistant came on the stage and hooked Aneta up in a suicide suspension. As she dripped in blood, Aneta smiled and threw herself about on the hooks, swinging from the rafters with masochistic happiness. After a few minutes, she was let down and took a deep bow to her faithful and satisfied audience.The Pain Junkies got understandably excited for the next act, for many of them would not have the chance to see the great Havve Fjell from Pain Solution ever again. All the way from Norway, the Headmaster was in and had all his favourite freaky sideshow acts with him. This international energizer bunny didn’t fail to amuse with his vast array of stunts. Starting off, Havve explained to us that he hadn’t eaten today, and that he only eats fire! After eating his fill of the burning goodness, the Headmaster made himself a drink in a bucket which he suspended and swung from his labret piercing to demonstrate some physics for us. After that, Havve bought out his machetes to play. Fruit Ninja had nothing on him; he was slicing and dicing with astonishing speed, showing off how sharp the blades really were. Next thing, he had the knives in a frame and lay down on them, removing more and more of these wicked instruments until he was standing on one sharp machete. The Headmaster wasn’t done though, and he bought out a nail and did the classic block head act, where he nailed the piece of metal into his nose, followed by lying on a bed of reducing nails. After playing with his own blood with needles, we moved onto his last act, which was quite profitable. Utilizing Jenn O Cide’s handy dandy staple gun, Havve asked the crowd to provide notes of currency for him to staple onto himself. This made the crowd go wild, as all of them, in true sadist form, wished to affix their money onto the Norwegian superstar. In the end, The Headmaster from Pain Solution walked away with over $100 cash of different currencies attached to him, looking very happy with himself.

The rest of the night was full of debauchery, drinking and schmoozing with the performers. All in all, it was a breathtaking night. This as all made possible by Eden Thompson and his crew from Absolution Tattoo and Body Piercing and Skindependant Suspension, and we take our hats off to him! Skinfarm III was an amazing experience for all involved, and Altearoa cannot wait for the next one.

– Stella McGuigan


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