Sigilia with Community State, & Inexile

Show: 5th November 2016 at Churchills Live

An unfortunately small turn out likely due to people taking in the fireworks displays for Guy Fawkes. Coupled with some apparent odd choices for line-up there was some room for improvement as far as planning goes.

Inexile had the tough job of opening the show with a very limited audience. Despite a good sound the cold crowd was not so willing to move marking a, no doubt, disappointing show to send of Sean. With the loss of their drummer its hard to say if there will be any future shows to catch for Inexile.

Community State were an odd choice for the line up. Their pop-punk sound and covers can be very effective at warming up and audience but the style did clash between two bands with a heavier sound. Always a good performance though with heavy doses of nostalgic covers.

It was still rather disappointing turn-out when it came time for Sigilia to play, a band that definitely deserves a larger audience, particularly for their first Christchurch show. Made from the members of Ghost Daddy but with a new vocalist Sigilia does have a distinctly different sound but keeps the high quality music you’d expect from seasoned musicians. A considerably less gritty sound compared to their previous incarnation its a more accessible music that will no doubt see Sigilia rise quickly.

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