Setting Fire to Stacey

Setting Fire to Stacey, & Thunderwülf, Christchurch 4th June 2016

Hailing from Christchurch, Setting Fire to Stacey consists of Arend Hoek (Vocals), Hamish Collison (Bass), Marc Hunter (Guitar), Peter Blatch (Guitar) and Ross Greig (Drums). With quite a history behind him they’ve opened for a variety of national and international rock stars such as Halestorm, Blacklistt, I Am Giant, Devilskin, Villainy and Everclear.

Even though they may have played with some of the heavyweights in rock music, too bigger crowds and in larger venues, this didn’t stop Setting Fire to Stacey ripping up the stage and tearing up the mosh pit to a crowd of at least 100 last night at the Darkroom in their hometown.

Their whole set had everyone head banging and rockin’ away to their in-your-face instrumentals and Hoek’s powerful vocals. When the band had finished playing their last song they brought out a little treat for the fans. They played a cover of the Deftones classic hit ‘My Own Summer’ which left the fans speechless and applauding rather loudly.

Meeting the boys after the show also once again showed that NZ artists are humble and play for their fans, and for themselves, which is a lesson the rest of the music world could do with learning. This may not have been the biggest venue for Setting Fire To Stacey, but that didn’t stop them from bringing a unbelievably talented performance to their fans!

Setting Fire To Stacey’s EP, Love & War is no exception to their live gigs. Their music is just as in your face which is the amazing thing about the band. They flew in mastermind Paul Matthews (I Am Giant, Tadpole, Stylus, Six60) back from the UK to his hometown of Christchurch to produce and engineer the EP to perfection. Featuring the tracks ‘Damn Word’, ‘No Way Out’, ‘Vital Signs’, ‘Final Bullet’ and their EPs namesake ‘Love & War’ these tracks are bound to get you rocking out before you know it.

– Lexa Dixon


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