Seriously Sexy Sideshow

Seriously Sexy Sideshow 12th June 2015

Tease & Trouble never fail to entertain. The Seriously Sexy Sideshow was another great show from the dynamic burlesque duo. Teaming up with the greatest hair in busking; Mulletman, and the magical David Ladderman made for a fantastic variety show of unadulterated talent. Combined with a few delicious cocktails and the cosy atmosphere of Dragons Den and you’ve got a night out to remember.

The vivacious Ruby Ruin started the show with a delightfully funny, and more than a little bit naughty, balloon act. With some lucky members of the audience walking away with balloon animal, or taking the opportunity to burst one of her balloons. A classic act with a touch of Ruby’s fantastic flair.

MC Mullet Man keeps the crowd involved with some classic bar tricks before David Ladderman comes out to show some real sleight of hand. Cups and balls is always a crowd pleaser and with a few good twists and turns the audience had no chance to keep up, no matter how he slowly explained it all.

Sparkling straight from a 1920’s speak easy was the always stunning Bonita Danger Doll. Showcasing her vocal talent and enthralling the audience with an act of pure class. There is never a disappointing moment or an off note from this incredible performer.

Mullet Man whipped the crowd back to attention for the second half. With Ruby climbing on a bed of nails, David Ladderman getting out of a suit jacket in the most awkward way imaginable, and a classic feather boa performance from Bonita the show only got better as it progressed.

Never a dull moment with Tease & Trouble, don’t forget to catch them and some other great performers at the upcoming Grand Tease around the country. And don’t forget you can find Mullet Man, and David Ladderman, out and about on the streets of New Zealand, so don’t forget to stop, have a watch and give them a note or a few coins for a fantastic act.

– Vince Clark


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