Seismic State – State of Things

Wellington four-piece band, Seismic State, have just released their first EP ‘State of Things’ and if this is what they sound like, they have a big and bright future ahead of them. State of Things is a four track EP with each and every song giving a little bit more oomph than the previous track.

  1. Bridges
    With an epic guitar intro, this song definitely captivated me from the beginning. Even the instrumental in the middle of the song is a treat for any listener.
  2. Since We Last Spoke
    I managed to check this out the last time I was thinking about Seismic State, and my views haven’t changed. It’s still a really awesome song that has grooviness about it.
  3. Forty Five
    This track is a bit slower than the others, but it’s still captivating and has real emotion behind it. This is definitely a song I could sing along to.
  4. Genius
    Another sweet track! The one that closes off the EP, and just makes you begging for more. This one feels as if the guitaring is trying to trigger something inside of you and bring you out to the world, meanwhile Nicoles voice is talking to your soul.

All I can say after listening to this EP is I WANT MORE!!!!!

This is a perfect album with an excellent mix of guitars by Sai, drums by Matthijs, bass by Liam and Nicole’s outstanding voice. You’ll definitely be finding yourself grooving along. An excellent choice for a perfect night out! Be sure to check them out when they come and visit your town!


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