Scorn Of Creation – Self Titled Album Review

Scorn of Creation; I can think of no better subject for my debut review than this group of nationally loved metal heads. The larger than life Wellington-based group have steadily climbed the ranks, and with good reason! If you haven’t listened to their self-titled debut album (which happens to be the subject of the review you’re reading), you’re missing out on something epic.

I first listened to the album about a week before writing this review, and it was so brilliant that I put it on again before I sat down to begin writing today. Before you say anything, it’s not cheating; reviewing an album is like an open book test. You study the material, then you also get to take it with you on the day.

Scorn of Creation is an absolutely visceral (the good kind, not the early BVB type) album. No holds were barred, from the moment track 1 “Realisation (Defying the Crown)” began. It has been said before, but I will be happy to reiterate it for those of you who haven’t feasted your face on a review of these guys before; SoC (they will be referred to as such from now on, to save pixels) will remind you of the early works of the metal band Morbid Angel. For all the similarities, SoC managed to throw their own flavour into the wind, covering the already sticky mound of taste that is the old school death metal vibe, and umami the hell out of it! A unique sense of wonder and odd nostalgia surround them.

As I reached the track 4 (“The Exodus of Limbo”) mark, I noticed a pattern arising… it was all crunchy, grindy, badassery! The production of the drums and overall mastering style of the album is what sells that old school death metal feel I mentioned, in the best of ways, yet the modern influence is present throughout. As  I  continued to listen, I was hit by a ballsier Cannibal Corpse/Krisiun feel, which made me feel warm inside, and melted me from within. As track 6 “The Ruin of the Damned” began, I couldn’t help but to involuntarily start bobbing my head to and fro, enjoying the biting nature of the some of the heavier riffs of the album. It had a particular clutch that perfectly scratched an itch that I didn’t know I had; near the end of the track, the staple riff of the song came back in and then abruptly cut, before leading you into the eerie, ambient intro to “The New Crown”, it was superb.

As I continued listening through the intro of “The New Crown” I thought to myself “It’s becoming a bit repetitive for my likin- OH SHIT, YES, statement retracted!”. Something about Kris Gallens vocals in this song really stood out for me in a way that’s difficult to explain. The growls were raw, and I could feel what I can only assume were the unchained emotions of the artist, portrayed though song. It was encapsulating! Definitely my favourite song on the album.

The final song “Rebellion Unleashed” was a close second for me. It was the track that finally made me sit with my mouth agape, subconsciously groaning  “…fuuuuuuuuu-…”. Guitarist, Seth Jackson (formerly of Bulletbelt) was simply incredible and showed off his craftsmanship by absolutely shredding his axe. As a guitarist myself, it was one of those “YUSS, YOU GO MAN!” moments; like when you get halfway through Van Halen’s “Eruption” or 2 minutes into a DragonForce solo.

In summary, the self-titled debut album “Scorn of Creation” is one that you can listen to all the way through, then play it again and discover something cool that you didn’t notice before. The album will have you feeling nostalgic 90’s death metal vibes throughout, and the whole listening is experience is one  that (like me) you’ll definitely enjoy the crap out of! Go, give it your attention, these guys deserve it!

(Warning, if you can’t stand epic death metal, you should probably give this one a miss…)

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