Rockin’ The Port

It all kicks off with Smokin’ Voodoo, a kick ass little four piece group that really know how to rock out. From their first song to their final song, they had a real presence that owned the stage. The issue I saw was the vocals, Smokin’ Voodoo were a little harder to pick up vocally then the other 2 bands, while it’s not an overly huge issue, it’s something that should have been cleared up in sound check. I’m not sure if these guys have an EP or a first album in the works yet, but if they do, then I’m down to buy it.

Next up were Amorteum, a six piece band, and for their first show, they did very well. They were rigid and nervous, but that’s to be expected at a debut performance, and they did warm up as their set went on. Amorteum will come into their own and I expect to see good things from them because their darker metal sound is great. Amorteum is definitely a band I’ll be keeping an eye on in the future. I liked what I heard and I’m sure its only going to get better.

Last in the line-up was Inexile, with a more progressive metal sound. This three piece band, from Christchurch, had their shit nailed down. Although the bass guitar seemed to do most of the rhythm guitar section, it seemed to work nicely. Inexile sounded like they had the most experience behind them.

All in all, this gig was one to be remembered, three Christchurch acts that completely rocked. They all had their issues, which is to be expected at a live show, but three different sounds from three different bands makes for one kickass night. Christchurch has its musical mojo back and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

– Ken De Montalk


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