Radar Angel – Bloodlust

An extraterrestrial envoy from the planet Nibiru. A murderous mechanoid escaped from the ruins of lost Atlantis. The last avatar of some long-forgotten cthonic deity.

Bloodlust is the latest auditory offering from the alt-synth group  Radar Angel and I’ve discovered I am currently incapable of listening to anything else. With its gothic references to the likes of Chopin’s Marche Funèbre and undeniable synthpop qualities, the blending of all these different sonic elements required careful handling. Daniel Webster weaves a combination of marvelous storytelling lyrics and arrangements with the masterful production skills of Bryan Tabuteau (Crash-Scan), to create something which is both familiar and avant-garde.

Appealing to both the old-school gothic and the nihilistic youth of today, the opening track “Murder Me” really sets the tone. It is so incredibly easy to get caught up in the jaunty synth-pop vibes, that this might just be the darkest song you find yourself unexpectedly singing along to. Take care when listening through headphones or be ready for some strange looks for singing “murder me” to yourself. Keeping that same brightly macabre tone “No More Room in Hell” brings its own throwback to Night of the Living Dead (1968), with an oddly romantic take on a zombie apocalypse and some wickedly catchy lyrics.

Changing it up a bit, “Shotgun” feels like a solid blast straight out of the ’80s. I challenge you to listen to this track and without imagining yourself cruising down the road, with the wind in your hair. While “Shotgun” furthers the love themes introduced in “No More Room in Hell”, it reaches its pinnacle in the fourth track. When I first listened to “Skintight”, I actually thought it sounded a bit out of place, but as I continued to listen, the track grew on me; in fact, I’d have to say it has become my favourite track on the EP. With more explicit themes, it avoids being crass or gratuitous and instead paints a beautifully poetic scene.

Skintight, the satin clinging to your sweet thigh, moonlight, illuminates the soul behind your brown eyes – “Skintight”

Making its mark as the final track, “Land of the Dead” weaves the blood back into the narrative and sings of the end. From start to finish, the EP is telling a story; and each time you hear it, you get a better sense of it as a whole. The lyrics are incredibly well written and the vocals considerably better than I’ve come to expect from  local artists. There are so many fantastic elements that make up this EP,  that I could go on and on; but suffice to say, I fully expect this to be my favourite release of 2019.


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