Project: Blood – The Dark Below

pbdbWhen first listening to Project: Blood, my initial thoughts were “Wow, these guys are very Static X” of which I really liked, I’ve always been a Static X fan. The more you listen to this EP, the less Static X they sound, which is fine because this is a Project: Blood EP, not a Static X cover band.

I’m continuously blown away by the up and coming artists of New Zealand. Each and every time I get an EP to listen to, I’m not quite sure what to expect, but these guy describe themselves as “Industrial Metal from the Swamp” and that is what you get, Industrial Metal, a genre of which a lot of bands have attempted, but not really gotten into. But Project: Blood would definitely be they guys to lead the charge on this front.

At the moment, Project: Blood’s The Dark Below is only an EP at the moment which is only available (as far as I know) via their Bandcamp page. So give the band a bit of money and help them make a full, studio
release album. For all the updates on the band, they have a Facebook page or even a MySpace page if you’re feeling that adventurous.

– Ken De Montalk


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