Nullifier – Silent Destruction

sdWhen I was given this album to review, it was said that Nullifier are a thrash metal band, but I think there is a lot more to Nullifier than just thrash metal. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for but I have a strong like of thrash metal and Nullifier’s Silent Destruction definitely has elements of thrash metal, with a hint of something darker lying under the surface, and I like it.

When I hear the words thrash metal, I think of bands like Anthrax and Slayer (and even early Metallica), and over the years thrash metal has grown and developed and really died off, with the bands that created thrash metal still firmly fixed in their place in the genre. You hardly hear of thrash metal anymore so I really commend these guys for jumping into a dying genre, but upon looking at it, Nullifier are the modern day Anthrax & Slayer. Nullifier may be the next step on the Thrash Metal ladder.

The vocals are something bordering on black metal, with the rest of the band set at the up-tempo pace that thrash metal is known for. Oddly enough, the bass guitarist almost sounds non-existent which leads to a strange sound because as thrash metal evolved the bass guitarist became more prominent.

This is only an E.P. but I’d love to see what these guys could do with the money and recording time to make a full album, because I don’t think Nullifier will be a one hit EP band that goes nowhere. I want more from these guys; I would really like these guys to create a polished studio album. I want to see these guys live, I want to collect their CD’s, I want these guys to go far, cause there is no sound like this in NZ at the moment, and I like this sound. And thank fuck that these guys are from New Zealand, another alternative band for Altearoa to be proud of.

– Ken De Montalk


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