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“Fundraising to help our local starving artists achieve dreams”, the Nillionaires Club, is the latest contribution that the wonderful Ruby Ruin has made to the artistic community. “The Nillionaires Club philosophy is about living life to the fullest, dreaming big dreams and aiming for the stars despite the nil budget most of us scrape by on in order to get there.” You can trust that most performers are living that kind of life, living big, on a very small amount of money. You can trust most local artists are default members of the Nillionaires Club.

We were among the many people that turned out to see the Nillionaires Club’s première event, Burlesque & Bass, which recently hit the stage. What an interesting show it was too, Ruby had set one simple guideline for performers, it has to be to bass. So what a huge variety of acts there was. From the incredible flexibility of Chelsea Sugar on her pole, to Lucy Fear belly dancing to Rob Zombie, with skeletal striptease from Lilly La Rouge and an innovative game of strip Clue from Bianca Bello who was looking every bit Miss Scarlet.

Its not just the acts that keep the crowd busy though, Ruby had some fantastic games for volunteers, Altearoa’s own Jolly John walked away with a Nillionaires patch for wiggling his butt just right. Crowd’s always love free stuff, from yoga lessons to patches, but you’ve got to play to the game to get the goods. Don’t be afraid to jump up on stage, Butt Charades, a Bump & Grind competition, these things make for a wonderful night out.

Returning for the second half brought some more incredible acts. Off to a rocking start with the bandit Bonita Danger Doll and a little friend, if you weren’t there to see it, hope that she does it again because it is not one you want to miss. The beautiful Ruby Ruin also graced the second half with a stunning performance. You’re never left disappointed after seeing these two perform, this dynamic duo also makes up Tease & Trouble, who along with putting on shows also run classes.

We also had some impressive sword balancing and belly dancing from Aralyn of TribalDiva before some fantastic musical comedy from Miss Candy AppleBottom. The unforgettable final act though from Tawdry Trainwreck and Julia Juju of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School involved a lot of syrup and a lot of glitter. So many different acts, so many talented performers, one incredible première show from the Nillionaires Club.

How many acts is that? Tickets from $15 for so many performers was such a steal and the all profits go to supporting local artists. The next show is coming on the 3rd of July so make sure you get yourself a ticket to see some of these fantastic acts and more. If you’re a performer yourself and would like to apply for Nillionaires Club financial support, or perform at one of their events, fill out one of these forms or email



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