Needless Cane – The Sun Did Not Shine

needlesscaneNeedless Cane is an alternative metal band, based in Wellington, with the upcoming EP, The Sun Did Not Shine. This seven track EP promises some dark sounds and interesting listening. It opens with “Death of the War Machine” which features a deep driving rhythm with monotonous
vocals. This opening track brings to mind the works of Marliyn Manson and builds nicely into the second track.

“Hemlock Lemonade” is the main track of the EP, featuring strong melody and a full sound with a powerful and catchy main-riff. The EP also
features a couple remixes of “Hemlock Lemonade” ending the album with an industrial kick and also quite a change of pace there is a piano
version featuring female vocals also part of the EP. The third track “Poppies” features the same kind of deep rhythm of “Death of the War
Machine” this time however it features the interesting use of falsetto vocals during the chorus.

The Sun Did Not Shine ends off with a few industrial tracks, though I use the term a little loosely there, the Waxplanet remix of Hemlock
Lemonade features more than enough wubwub to interest the dubstep fans out there. Though from there it goes on to a more classic industrial
feel with some more remixed Hemlock Lemonade and ending the EP off on a remix “Fear of the Sun” which to me has the best industrial sound
of the EP. A decidedly alternative sound through out the EP, its well worth checking out.

– Vince Clark



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