Needless Cane – Sick World

Halloween being probably one of the biggest celebrations in the goth world, Altearoa would like to give you all a treat and introduce you all to the latest album from Needless Cane, Sick World.

Why would we do this for you, you ask? Well, call me a misanthropic nihilist but we do live in a sick world and we’re the disease plaguing it. So in the meantime, why don’t we spend that deathly void between the beginning and the end by indulging ourselves in pleasures to the ear.

Now… Do you like Manson? Do you like EBM? Do you like Industrial? Do you love Kiwi bands? Reason I ask is because these guys have nailed the perfect cross of all of these things and they’ve got me creaming in my seat and this collaborative project between Blake Guest (vocals) and Jeremy Garner (music) will have you creaming too.

The first single from the album ‘Kill Your Ego’ has already been released along with the official music video (check it out below). And if you like Kill your ego, you’ll surely love the first song on the album ‘Solipsism’. A faster paced industrial style music with classic Needless Cane vocals. As for this of you who prefer something a little more chill and ambient, I really enjoyed the eerie droning of ‘Goddess Of The Black Moon’ which I could liken to a well constructed mix of Marilyn Manson, and Nick Caves ‘Jesus Alone’.

Their deliciously dark and dynamic style seems to go down like mountains of sugar for hyperactive kids after trick or treating. I’ve listened to the album three times in a row and I’m still not done yet. So thanks again for yet another satisfying album by the very popular Needless Cane. I am well impressed.

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  Directed by Olex Cider – Lenscraft Media

Album Art & Photography by Jess Cameron – Visceral Photography

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