Miss Alternative Fox 2017

Miss Alternative Fox reaches its fourth year of running and things are not what they once were. From a grand beginning with Miss Alt Fox 2013 each year seems to have seen a decline; 2013 featuring roughly double the amount of entrants from this year. Though the event seems to have gotten smaller, the crowds less enthusiastic, the quality of entrants and entertainment is still high.

Bonita Danger Doll as MC alone would make the trip worthwhile. Even if the crowd was perhaps not the warmest to her games; that certainly wasn’t going to stop our table from taking part, and if you don’t get involved with the show you really are missing out. A long with assorted hilarity if you missed the pageant you also missed out on a man now dubbed ‘Burlesque Jesus’ doing an exceptionally impressive glove peel.

The most exciting round will always be talent and without doubt there always some unexpected by notable displays. A touch of LED hoop action (not a lot of room to work with on the stage for that) from Jordan. An unbelievable piece of French song from Jana (AKA Miss Mimesis) which sounded fantastic; I of course do not speak French though so perhaps not the best judge. Or Tiffany who could have a successful stab into the burlesque industry with her moves.

Despite featuring Bonita’s SWAT act along with some exceptionally beautiful girls it failed to pull the crowd of previous years. I can’t help but wonder if this pageant will still run next year or what can be done to save it. However with only six entrants perhaps there was little more our hosts at The Fox & Ferret The Palms could do. Hopefully next year leads to a revival and we see more inked and alternative girls stepping into the light to strut their stuff.

Miss Alternative Fox 2017 – 26th October 2017
The Fox & Ferret The Palms

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