Miss Alternative Fox 2013

The first of its kind, The Fox & Ferret The Palms, hosts Miss Alternative Fox. An exciting alternative to the yearly Miss Fox contests hosted by The Fox & Ferret Riccarton. With sponsors including tattoo parlour Epic Ink, Janine Jansen Hairdressing, Dolly Boutique and more, along with a strong list of judges including international alternative model Jackal it promised to be a good night.

The evening begins with some classic bar rock from the boys of Assembly Required as the crowd starts to filter in. What a crowd it was with Fox & Ferret packed out and a line for entry before Miss Alternative Fox had even begun. VIP tables sold out well in advance so remember next time to get in early if you want a place.

Still more before the main event, as Epic Ink treats the ever growing crowd to view a live tattooing, a great way to really set the tone. Then out comes the MC for the evening, Steve Gregor, now the battle for the best view really kicks off. The crowds packed in and the MC has some give-aways for the audience. The growing excitement is palpable.

Bring on the show, thirteen girls competing over three rounds, Swimwear, Glamour & Fantasy. It all starts off with our gorgeous girls coming out in a variety of swimwear. The crowd loved it, off to a great start with the girls showing off some awesome ink on some beautiful bodies. The glamour round brought out some stunning gowns and a lot of sparkle from the girls.

After quickly grabbing a drink from the bar, back for round three, the creativity really came out. The fantasy round saw a wide variety. Sailors, soldiers, police, FBI, lots of interesting outfits, including a blood-spitting demoness. Taking their last chance to impress the judges this was an interesting round complete with twerking and balloons.

Time to count up the scores and find out who was going to be the first ever Miss Alternative Fox. A lot of strong competition and a lot of nervous girls waiting. First place and the $1000 prize went to the truly stunning Cassie Law. With the beautiful Shelley McManis in second and Katie (Miss Monster) Thomas in third. With the results in that brought an end to fantastic evening. We’ll be looking forward to Miss Alternative Fox 2014.

– Vince Clark



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