Lucifer Gunne

On the 19th of July at a little venue called Valhalla, an event took place. This event was called ‘Banding Together: Rock and Metal for Christchurch’ and was a charity event for the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings. This event included 5 of Wellingtons iconic rock/metal bands. One of those bands I have been following closely for a while now and finally got to see them perform. This was of course, Lucifer Gunne.

It was a memorable and acoustically highlight of the evening. Lucifer Gunne performed in front of an almost sold out Valhalla, with their fans moshing and jumping around all in good spirits. On their set, they included their soon to be released single ‘Ha Ha Ok Ok’ which excited the audience even more, especially with the band giving out a t-shirt to the fan
that moshed the most.

Other than their new single, they played their classics such as HRM and Energenetic, but hearing these new songs was awesome! And, I believe, as I write this review, they are in their studio working on their first album. At 18 years old, these guys clearly have what it takes to become world class musos. The skill, passion and energy they have is well beyond their years. The sound is massive, with great guitar riffs, driving bass and the pounding drums, you would be silly to miss out seeing these boys perform. So, please check them out and follow them. This is really only the start of their journey, amazing things are about to happen.

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