Lola’s Grave Mistake @ Divergence

Divergence: A Festival of Madness 2019 was a week-long festival in Christchurch, that ran from March 30th to April 6th; a festival reminding us that our madness is both diverse in society and its individual nature, and celebrating the fact that our vibrancy is valuable and is okay to own.

The festival served as an opportunity for a mad community to connect and learn, and showcase the talents, skills, and wisdom that come from being touched by madness; an opportunity to share with the sane world what we, as divergent people can offer. I mean, what sort of boring world would we live in without such divergence in our communities?! If you would like to learn more about the Divergence festival then pop on over to the official website and check it out!

As part of the Divergence festival, one of the thrilling events was Lola’s Grave Mistake. It was a one-hour solo show by New Zealand’s very own Mr. Lola Illusion, performed at A Rolling Stone, and oh my was I glad to have gone! As I approached the venue, I was overflowing with anticipation, unsure what I was about to witness. As I entered, I grabbed myself a beer and paused to converse with some people who I knew (and a fair few who I didn’t). I took a seat and couldn’t help but marvel at the space. Lights were ready, music was playing, and the stage was set; three large inflatable cacti creating the scene.

Lola, the star of the show appeared, dressed in his signature costume style and warmed us all with his presence. Here we learned that Lola had indeed made a grave mistake. He had died of a broken heart and found himself stranded in the worst place of all… the stark, never-ending desert that we call purgatory; where you go before you end up in either heaven or hell. Here we learn that the reason he’s stuck in limbo is that he has been given the chance to repair his heart or move on to his final destination.

Through a hilarious rollercoaster cabaret of tears and laughter, we rode along-side Lola, on his journey to revival. His singing was spectacular and his stage presence awe-inspiring. He had the audience in the palm of his hand as we traveled with him on the journey of a lifetime.

To say that I thoroughly enjoyed the show would be an understatement, and if you ever hear of any upcoming shows featuring Mr. Lola Illusion, I would heavily suggest that you see it, lest you end up in purgatory with one huge regret!

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