Light the Lamp

Entering its third year in action, Light the Lamp, has made its mark as a yearly highlight of cabaret in Christchurch. This year saw an incredibly diverse line-up with; burlesque, pole (solo & duo), lyra, silks, juggling and more making it an incredibly unique production. Beyond being a diverse line-up it also show-cased some of the best New Zealand has to offer with competition winners, champions, and even Christchurch’s own five time world record holder Skye Broberg. With so many incredible acts in the line-up though it would do them a disservice to try and summarize them all in such a short review though a few personal highlights cannot pass without mention.

The ever comically absurd Piotr from Uzbekoslavia played master of ceremonies giving rise to many laughs and easily out-witting the drunkest of hecklers – always a masterful display of improvised antics, Piotr is a man who really knows how to swing a cat and an audience to his side. Noelle & Callum performing duo pole was such a new experience and an amazing thing to see in action. It takes a remarkable amount of co-ordination to work with another person in such a way and I hope they will become a more common feature of the stage.

Trillian has long been on my list to watch out for and it was wonderful to get the chance to see her in action with impeccable timing and graceful moves it is obvious to see why she has dazzled audiences both here in New Zealand and abroad and collected numerous titles along the way. Bonita Danger Doll, our local queen of the classic burlesque, never fails to impress and tantalize but with technical issues causing havoc with her second act of the evening no doubt some of us have been left with irresistible anticipation to see the act uninterrupted in full in future. A no doubt elaborate act its not often you see chains in burlesque but we’d always love to see more.

Of course there were many beautiful and skilled performer through-out the evening but it is hard to complete with the luscious locks of Mulletman who brought not only his juggling antics but even a few spare mullets to the stage. After years of seeing Mulletman performing on streets and stages around New Zealand you have to wonder how long it will take before we declare his mullet a national icon. Though it was likely Don Pasqual who has burnt himself most into peoples memories, with eruptions of flames and a hypnotic display of fire spinning, no doubt he is one act no one will soon forget.

Despite some technical issues it remains to be one of the most professional cabaret productions Christchurch has to offer. The stage crew were not only fastidious in their duties but also perfectly capable of throwing in some of their own laughs and antics behind Piotr’s back and the lighting was wonderfully dynamic and different for each act. All the performers of course also brought their own displays of professionalism. Acts were highly polished, well practiced, and displayed skills quite simply above reproach. If you are someone who doesn’t make it out to many variety shows, Light the Lamp, is definitely one to mark on you’re calendar and make the effort.

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