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kk1Gothtronica at its finest. Keller Kinder formed in 2007 and have been impressing a local and international audience ever since. Their first album, Kindergarten, had fantastic reviews from all around the globe. After such success with their first album their second album, Dying City, was highly anticipated though fans did have a long wait. An album worth the wait however as Keller Kinder brings back their impressive blending of goth, industrial, and metal for another hour of great music.

Off to a dark and powerful start, Black Sabbaticals, the first track marches into the album and blends seamlessly into track two, House of Glass. With simple but powerful synth rhythms, backed by a solid wall of guitar, and the dark vocals from Duncan, House of Glass has all the elements you expect from Keller Kinder. Followed by Indifference we hear the first of the album dividers, these kind of tracks are something quite common in industrial music, some may call them filler tracks. These speak more artistically than musically and you can make up your own mind about them but Dying City has four, Indifference, Tout Seul à Calais, 19 65
9 17 C, & Seventeen Seconds.

Inhuman comes back in with a very strong industrial sound before moving onto Feinde. If you are unfamiliar with Keller Kinder, Feinde will come as a surprise from the bi-lingual vocals being the only track of the album with German vocals. The Storm is a much more melodic track bringing a more gothic feel to the album than the previous tracks. The gothic feel is continued strongly with Bats in the Belfry that has some decidedly classic Bauhaus sounds to it with some more modern industrial thrown in. The album ends off with Tale of The Widow, a fantastic finish, with a heavier gothic sound it winds up the album brilliantly.

In efforts not to bore you this hasn’t been a track by track analysis so there are other tracks you’ll have to check out for yourselves. There is no one quite like Keller Kinder in the New Zealand goth scene and this album is a must have. Well arranged with most of the tracks moving perfectly into the next and a brilliant variety of sound & style, Dying City, is another great album from Keller Kinder and we hope the wait for a third album isn’t as long.

– Vince Clark


Keller Kinder – Kindergarten – She Likes The Candle Burning

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