Keller Kinder – Dying City Release Show

Keller Kinder 2nd August 2014

Four years since their last show in Christchurch, the city finally got another opportunity to see Keller Kinder live, along with C2 & from Dunedin, and local act Aut0n. A night full of industrial and goth rock, seldom seen in the city, attracted a good number from the local goth community which has only recently started growing again in post-quake Christchurch. When it comes to electronic/industrial musicians people often don’t know what to expect when they see them live so we were looking forward to see what they all brought to the stage.

C2 & started off the evening with incredible energy. Despite a slow starting crowd he came on stage with fantastic tunes and really got things moving. It was incredibly to see such passion, flying drumsticks & industrial, even jumping off stage and getting amongst the crowd. An incredible performance and incredible tracks that you could hardly believe were coming from one man. An impressive mix of great music, great stage presence, and gripping visuals made for one great act. Truly some world class dark electronic music from a deep south garden shed.

Up next was the unique industrial metal style of Aut0n. A bit of a slow down after C2 & but an interesting blend of live instruments and pre-recorded tracks. I did think they would have been better as the first act, just lacked the raw energy that the crowd got from C2 &, though it was quality music.

Of course the act everyone was really waiting for though, Keller Kinder, came on with a great start. Opening with ‘House of Glass’ one of the fantastic tracks from their new album Dying City really got some energy in the room. They played a fantastic set, showcasing their wicked new stuff, while not forgetting to include some of the great songs from their first album ‘Kindergarten’. With a particularly entertaining performance of ‘Antipathy’ which had lead singer, Duncan, reading his hate-mail on stage.

Unfortunately though if there was something that could go wrong, it did, truly amazing technical problems. From a keyboard going spontaneously out of tune to strings snapping for the guitarist. A valiant effort from the guys all round though to keep the music going. Really impressive dedication to the show. Ending on a high note though there was an advance screening of their latest music video, for House of Glass, which is now available to everyone (see below). It was a brilliant show and we hope its not another four years before Keller Kinder returns to the Christchurch stage.

– Vince Clark



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