Ikon | Disjecta Membra | Sounds Like Winter

Darkness returned to Auckland this Sunday night as; IKON (Melbourne), Disjecta Membra (Wellington), and Sounds Like Winter (Sydney) graced Whammy Bar with their presence along with special guests Stars and the Underground. The beautifully gloomy bar in the heart of the famous K road filled with baby bats and darklings from all over.

With the promise of a Goth gig in the midst of summer, it was a offer hard to turn down. As the sun set an array of lace, leather, buckles and very, very impressive shoes grew into the quaint bar located down a shadowy stairwell. Saint Kevins Arcade seemed to fill with a cloud of sorts as creatures of the night slowly filtered in through encroaching darkness.

Stars and the Underground brought in the doom and gloom with a beautiful start to the night. The ‘special guests’ creating the atmosphere for the darkness that was to come.

Followed by goth rock band Sounds like Winter, the four piece band consumed the crowd, with bewitching vocals and guitar based tunes. Influenced by 80s dark wave and post punk the Sydney band brought a spooky melodic curse over the crowd. It was clear that goth is in fact not dead, as an array of generations filled the dance floor to sway in time with the lead singer, Ant Banister’s haunting vocals.

New Zealand’s very own Disjecta Membra were up next. The band has previously toured with the likes of; The Mission, Peter Murphy, Joy Divisions Peter Hook, and many others. This is a clear influence in lead singers, Michel Rowland’s voice. The atmosphere grew with a slow, airy start, slowly building into a crowd favourite of ‘Madeleine! Madelaine!’ The Wellington band clarified even further as to why the crowd had crawled out into the night, with songs such as ‘Cernunnos’ bringing on heavy swaying, and ending with a classic, ‘Cauldron of Cerridwen’. It was definitely a memorable experience being in an intimate atmosphere with the likes of these guys.

The night drew to a close with a Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division influenced band, IKON. The Melbourne group brought a gothic post punk cloud over the room, and nicely ended the night with a dark wave vibe. Bringing an end to the two part New Zealand tour.

Although small, the Auckland goth scene seems to be picking up, being in an atmosphere with generations from the dark side was a lovely experience, especially seeing the younger generations growing into the scene. For all that missed out on the experience be sure to check these bands out and put the next dates in your calendar. We hope to see more international bands making appearances in the New Zealand goth scene, as well as more of Disjecta Membra. Keep your eyes peeled for more events like this coming up, as they’ll be a night you won’t want to miss out on.

 – Anastasia Rose

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