Heavyweights EP

Heavyweights is a split EP from Redgrave Manor, a six-piece metalcore band from Christchurch, and The Rising Tide, a deathcore band from Foxton, bringing four tracks of Kiwi metal from each band. Both bands have already developed a strong fan-base and The Rising Tide has recently signed with the Brutal Tooth Foundation (USA) record label. After looking into a bit about the bands I was expecting something good from this split album.

The EP starts out with The Rising Tide and the essential down-tuned guitars and double kick drumming. Drummer are so often taken for granted but it is so important to have a good drummer for good metal, and The Rising Tide has certainly gotten themselves a good drummer. There is a mix of growled and screamed vocals that I don’t think always works, though, it is difficult in my opinion to do screamed vocals well and, he doesn’t do a terrible job. They have a good sound altogether though I think they could use some more interesting guitar work.

Redgrave Manor finishes off the EP and starts straight in with screamed vocals. Definitely a lot more melodic than The Rising Tide, Redgrave Manor, use mostly screamed vocals or clean vocals. Generally they have a much softer sound as well. Their third track ‘Move On’ also seems quite out of place and doesn’t match up with the rest of the EP, though the rest of their tracks have a good tempo and some good use of guitar. If you’re a fan of the metalcore style they are worth a listen.

Overall, with the split nature of the EP there doesn’t seem to be any thing holding it all together or a structure to the tracks. Fine if you just want to listen to some deathcore/metalcore but there is nothing to make the EP stand out. Though, the music is not bad, and as the EP is currently available for free it is well worth listening too and checking out some local talent that is on the rise.

– Vince Clark

Download The EP Here

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