Ghost Daddy

GhostDaddyA Christchurch based band playing their own unique style of alternative hard-rock, Ghost Daddy have quickly built quite a fan base and a big name for themselves around New Zealand, with their first video release capturing a lot of media attention. The five piece band features Peeping Andre Paris doing vocals, Amy Renholder on guitar, Mykel Cole on bass, Jordyn Morahan on keys, and Ash Stirling on drums.

As I mentioned before they have a distinctly unique sound, alternative hard –rock with a touch of industrial edge and vocals that would sound just as at home in a metal band. I found that Amy is the one you really want to hear of the group, his riffs really drive the music and that really get you into it. Not to forget Mykel (bass) and Jordan (keys) both get their own opportunities to draw you in with interesting intros.

Seeing them live there is a lots of stage confidence, perhaps even a bit too much from Peeping Andre (vocals), I have to say I found his stage antics way over the top, and just generally distracting from the music. They put on quite a show though and musically held together really well live. Just be prepared for the extreme antics from Peeping Andre and maybe don’t stand too close to the stage.

Over all they have a really good sound, a unique sound, but a good sound. Some industrial keys, hard-rock guitar, it is a hard one to explain but they are well worth checking out. With band manager Jesika Rabid and the talent in the group, these guys are only going to get bigger, to use their words. Try it, you’ll like it…

– Vince Clark


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