Dragons Den Social Lounge Late Night Burlesque & Cabaret

Dragon’s Den 17th October 2014
Last night I had the pleasure of visiting The Dragons Den, the latest offering from the creators of Burgers & Beers conveniently located next door to their Colombo street restaurant. What I found inside was a dark gothic lounge with a cool relaxed atmosphere I haven’t seen in Christchurch in a long time. The friendly bar staff were welcoming
and more than capable of creating a plethora of fine cocktails or recommending me something from their broad range of Spirits, fine Wines, Beers, and Ales.

Upon getting my drink I made myself comfortable in one of the many blood red leather armchairs scattered throughout and enjoyed the vintage rock that was quietly playing in the background. I was waiting for the Burlesque performances from Tease & Trouble productions that had been promised only a few days before and when the music kicked up to a raunchy Saxophone, I knew I had not been disappointed. Throughout the night Ruby Ruin and Bonita Danger Doll strutted their stuff right in among the crowd turning the Dens gothic atmosphere into something that felt like a 1920’s Speak-easy come Korova Milk bar and, as always, brought the sophistication and elegance needed to make Burlesque the hot edgy art form that it is.

Highlights of the night include Ruby in a Golden flapper ensemble dancing and twerking to the point that, were it the 20’s, she’d have been thrown in an Asylum. And Bonita elegantly drizzling golden glitter over her body like it was champagne. It’s fair to say that The Dragons Den and Tease & Trouble both cast their own unique light that mix into the perfect setting for a night of raunchy fun and sexy sophistication.

Check out Tease & Trouble fortnightly at The Dragons Den Social Lounge, 357 Colombo St next to Burgers & Beers from Friday October 31st, All Hallows Eve.

– John Arnold


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