Decades – All Our Truths Tour – Wellington

Originally known as Ashei, Decades consist of Emma Cameron (Guitar/VOX), Liam Muir (Guitar), Daniel Perry (Drums) and Curtis Booth (Bass) rising up from the rubble of Christchurch.

In 2013, Decades crowd funded $10,000USD for Ashei’s EP, “Music Is Boring”

In 2014, they won $10,000USD on Their single “Cracked and Torn” was released. They had their debut show in Australia and their first NZ headliner gig.

And now in 2017, reformed as Decades, they released their first album “The Truth and Other People”, opened for Jimmy Barnes and are now on their Nationwide Tour promoting their new album. But before heading to Christchurch and Dunedin, they made the stop in the beautiful city (and best place to live according to Stuff) of Wellington.

The first time I heard of these guys, I checked them out on YouTube and I wasn’t sold on them. It was shortly after, when I went to Jim Beam Homegrown 2017, that I saw them live and it was also then that I fell in love with this band.

Decades don’t just turn up to a gig and plan to play to the crowd just for their entertainment, but also for theirs. And this gig was no exception.

The energy that can be seen in all of the members is astonishing and the feeling is overwhelming, which ends up in seeing yourself groove to every song they can possibly do.

Playing all their tracks from “The Truth and Other People” they put on a show for the ages. But it didn’t stop there, they had a special surprise for the fans. They did a magnificent job singing a cover from Muse which, for a Muse fan, did them justice.

If you ever hear about a tour for these guys, then you need to be there. I am ecstatic that I am in the midst of New Zealand releasing some iconic kiwi bands, especially those fronted by women, who have the full potential to be internationally renowned.

Most definitely the best gig of 2017 this far!

Decades ‘All Our Truths’ Tour – Wellington
22nd July 2017 – Meow
With: Skinny Hobos, Bakers Eddy, and Dead Favours

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