Something you have always wanted to see, even if you don’t admit it in polite company, is small town New Zealand dripping with blood and gore. Deathgasm earns its place in Kiwi Splatter history with a fantastic blend of make-up and digital effects for one bloody experience. Throw in some iconic kiwi metal and you’ve got a movie that cannot disappoint.

Every metalhead in New Zealand is familiar with what it’s like to be a high school metaller surrounded by rugby. That’s exactly what our main character Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) finds when he is shipped off to Greypoint to live with his overly religious aunt and uncle and his jock cousin. Taking whatever he can get, he quickly befriends the local Dungeons & Dragons geeks, and starts eyeing up the pretty popular girl Medina (Kimberly Crossman).

Enter Zakk, possibly the only other metalhead in Greypoint, and you’ve got everything you need for a garage metal band. Now as every metal band is familiar with, there’s that song that you tried playing once, accidentally unleashing a bunch of zombies/demons/hordes of hell. You remember, that one summer, a few years ago? Good times. So it falls to you to save the world even if part of you didn’t really want to.

Okay so we’re not breaking into amazing new stories here but it absolutely delivers where its needs to; Blood, gore, and fantastic one-liners. Oh and you can’t forget the gorgeous blonde with an axe no splatter film is complete without it. Add some amazing weapons held together to duct tape and you’re ready to take on the hordes but not without fixing your corpse paint first.

Featuring music from local metal legends such as 8 Foot Sativa, Bulletbelt, and Beastwars helps it really keep the kiwi flavour and also makes for one kickass soundtrack that will have you wanting to headbang in your seat. Mixed in with demonically over the top fight scenes with everything from electric drills on guitars too shooting dice out of a paint ball gun and whether its beating demons with dildos, or shoving a chainsaw up a guy’s arse, there is something to keep the sadist in you laughing.

This one is a must see for every metalhead and splatter fan in the country and will no doubt build a fantastic international cult following. If you can’t make it down to a screening during the NZ International Film Festival you’ll just have to hope a DVD/Blu-Ray release isn’t far off. Altearoa raises the corna to director/writer Jason Lei Howden and the whole cast & crew. Keep them coming we’ll definitely keep watching.


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