Death Do Us Part Danger Show: Love Hurts

Not for the faint of heart or prudish mind the Death Do Us Part Danger Show returns to New Zealand with tales of love and heartbreak. Celebrate Valentines the right way with a healthy dose of fire and knives. The thrilling trio touring the country bring a bit of something for everyone. Jacqueline Furey with legs to the heavens and the seemingly effortless grace of the gods. Rachel Atlas with a mouth that could make a nun faint and the curves to match and Charlie with a body as hard as his knives and a cherubic love of mischief.

The human heatwave that is Jacqueline Furey should not be missed, with a wealth of experience in burlesque around the globe, even some of New Zealand most seasoned burlesque dancer could pick up a thing or two. With a definite flair for elegance and a fondness of whips she elevates burlesque to a new level and changes the definition of a flaming hot body.

The Atlas couple are truly an act all their own; so unique that they bare no real comparison. While Rachel may keep the audience laughing in their seats with some outrageous humour and sword-swallowing, Charlie entices the women (and probably the men too) in gold shorts (as though he’d been crafted to perfection by a certain Transylvanian doctor), but its their work together that will have you holding your breathe. This married couple could teach the world the meaning of trust, would your significant let you through knives at them?  What about Celtic axes? (We don’t recommend you try and find out). The sound of steel burying in wood will linger with you.

After an unfortunately rocky start to the tour with van trouble the trio are back on the road and they’ll be amusing and terrifying audiences in Nelson this evening before moving on up the country. Don’t miss your chance to catch this one of kind cabaret that will leave you begging for more (and begging for them to come back next year) because there is truly nothing in New Zealand (maybe nothing in the world) quite like it.

Death Do Us Part Danger Show
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Jacqueline Furey
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Death Do Us Part Danger Show: Love Hurts – New Zealand Tour 2018
Christchurch Show – 9th February 2018
Halo Venue – 66B Wharenui Road, Riccarton

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