Cripple Mr Onion – End Of Aeons Christchurch

When I heard that Altearoa was reviewing this show, I lost… my… SHIT… I’ve been a fan of Cripple Mr Onion for years now. Then when I heard Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, and Echolypse were opening, I had a mini fit. I’ve followed Blindfolded for years and loved their stuff.

So this all kicked off with Blindfolded taking the stage and showing us some fresh material and I’m fucking impressed. Technical Death Metal is what they do and they do it so fucking well. I’m glad they’re coming out with new material. Warming up a crowd can be rough but Stu did get down to encourage the pit.

Next up was Echolypse, I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about Echolypse before the show but from what I heard, I’m impressed. What I found strange, no lyrics, which makes their music a lot more ambient… While it’s different, it’s actually kind of refreshing. That ambient quality made them the perfect act to prepare people for Cripple Mr Onion’s unique sound.

Then the main event, after Christchurch had waited six years, Cripple Mr Onion. They came, they saw, they mother fucking conquered. They sound just as good now as they did back at Dux Deluxe. Churchills is a smaller venue but Cripple Mr Onion packed it with a sold out show and proceeded to blow the fucking roof off the place.

With special guest performances from former (and founding) member, Mike ‘Fud’ Fudakowski, shout outs to all the previous members, and remembrance of Shoki Kamishima, it definitely felt like an ending but the band isn’t finished yet. There is new material coming out for release and possibly a couple other things in the works. There may be no more shows but it’s not over quite yet.

 – Ken De Montalk

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Cripple Mr Onion
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