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crashIndustrial metal from the countries capital city. Crash-Scan formed in 2008 with their début album, Catalyst, released in 2009. We’ve been checking out their latest album, Repeat Until False, released April 2014. Recorded with; Ron Nobbs on vocals and programming, Bryan Tabuteau on programming and synths, and Vivian Stewart on guitar and bass.

Something that is often forgotten when releasing an album is the importance of arranging the tracks. Crash-Scan have not forgotten this. The album starts with ‘Choke’, a fantastic opening track that draws you into the music and all the way to the final track ‘Under the Dirt’. It is common in industrial metal to use riffs or licks from each style which don’t fuse together perfectly, leaving the synth/programming sounding like an extra add on. Repeat Until False has not fallen into this easy trap and has blended industrial with metal brilliantly. I could not imagine these songs as pure metal.

Fantastically written music, with a well-organised album, if you’re a fan of industrial metal follow the links below and get your hands on a copy. Crash-Scan are another fantastic example of the unappreciated talent NZ has to offer. Though making music isn’t just about playing instruments and musical talent. Often forgotten is the art required for a good album cover/booklet. You can see how the Repeat Until False album art connects with the ‘Choke’ video below but it doesn’t stop there, have a look through the album booklet for some of the great photography involved.

Crash-Scan are hoping to hit a stage near you in the coming future. Wellington based they are also planning shows in Auckland & Christchurch with Ezekiel Clark joining them on bass for live performances. Keep an eye out for these shows in our events guide so you can check them out live! Along with the live shows they are planning an EP release featuring 4 brand new songs and remixes from the Repeat Until False album. If you’re still not convinced to check out this awesome kiwi metal just watch the video below.

– Vince Clark


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