C2 – Pentalogy

The latest auditory offering from C2 and New Zealand’s deep south; following on from the Quadrants album, Pentalogy is another symphony of noise, with enough anger to make any rivethead happy. Guest vocals from Adam Colegrove (of projects such as Lichtbeuger, and Psychodrama) bring a new element to the creative soundscapes that C2 is known for. With each new C2 release, there is always more to the music than just an ingeniously organised chaos of sound.

“The illusion of individual voice. Addicted to the paradox of choice. Complacent in the greed divide. Grind, grind, grind, slave to the blind”

With the popularity of Spotify and other streaming services, some might think that album craft is a dying art; but it’s something that music fans will never let disappear, and it is quite clear that some thought went into the construction and track order of Pentalogy,  from “Liberal Plurist” to “Decimate X”.  When well constructed, an album will move you from track-to-track with ease, while the music tells a story from one track to the next. A quick look at the track list is enough to get the gist of tale Pentalogy tells, and the music expands on that story.

Industrial music has long played with fascist and totalitarian imagery, and “Fourth Estate Medicate” is a fantastic example. The beat drives forward, with the commanding vocals from Adam Colegrove, while the whole aural experience creates a picture of the world (which, unfortunately, may be the one we live in). The sound of rebellion and dissatisfaction with the world is inherent in the music, while C2 blends samples and sounds with more traditional music elements, creating something familiar, yet unlike any music you hear outside of obscure industrial artists.

“Fourth estate. Medicate. Obfuscate. Suffocate. Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, never get anywhere.”

However, even industrial albums can’t be made entirely out of anger and hate. “Soul to Fight” in particular, captures the human element; a much softer track, it conveys more of a sense of hope for change than simply the anger at existence. The final track “Decimate X” is the most musically interesting, blending the elements heard earlier in the album, with melodies playing out over harsher tones. Also the longest track, “Decimate X” really captures the essence of the story, and gives a summary of the rest of the album; a faultless example of a well composed conclusion.

This kind of industrial music and experimental use of sound is not to everyone’s taste, but Pentalogy is a marvellously constructed album with the level of perfectionism that is common in C2’s work. Each track is carefully constructed and organised beautifully on the full album, so if you are already a fan of industrial, or just want to try something new, it is absolutely one to check out. A fascinating soundscape that drives the body to move and provokes thought about the world and society we live in, Pentalogy is another incredible installment in the creative works of C2 – that really goes beyond just music.

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