Bzzrkr – Hades Matrix

In 2085, humanity left its home on Earth, to escape its own inevitable extinction. The great migration lead the human race to its new home in another solar system, on a planet they named Earth II

A retro synthwave symphony. Hades Matrix brings to life an idyllic future and a past that believed it was possible. Rather than our present take on a future Hades Matrix envisions a humanity that flourished into a future of advanced space-faring technology that sounds like it came straight out of the a 60s or 70s sci-fi movie but with modern day production values. A long time in the making its is evident that a lot of time care and probably frustration has gone into the development of each track.

It is nearly impossible to listen to the album without putting yourself into to music as the hero of your own space adventure (possibly wearing a silver jumpsuit and wielding a water-pistol spray-painted gold). Our hero (the listener) is carried through ‘The Great Migration’ of 2085 and the discovery of Earth II in a masterful piece of musical story-telling.  The second track ‘Surveying the Habitable Zone’ has the particularly adventurous tones of a humanity deep in space searching for a new home.

The second act see’s humanity in 2437 and its exploration mission to cross the wormhole at the centre of the galaxy. ‘Across the Einstein-Rosen Bridge’ would be my favourite track, a diverse mix of melodies, with an impossible task of creating the sound of wormhole travel. ‘Strange Dimensions’ has a bit of a more minimalist sound in comparison to earlier works, life is not what it seems on the otherside of the wormhole but it still manages to tie back its melodies to the world left behind.

Though it tells the story on its own I expect this synthwave symphony would be most at home as a laser light show at the local planetarium. Or if you’re lucky enough to be a show-producer like me – in a dark room full of fog, flashing stage lights and plasma balls. Bzzrkr has a reputation for a polished live show and this will no doubt go a step further, with a synchronized light show and footage from the ESA and NASA, any time its performed live would be a great opportunity to enjoy some of your favourite psychoactive substance and lose yourself in space.

Though not dance music, or something you’re likely to throw into a random shuffle, it is a marvelously crafted album. The way the music flows from one track to the next is incredible and the overall quality is above reproach. This sonic adventure will easily out-live what may be your favourite tracks today because even after a decade has passed – this is one album you’ll still enjoy, from the comfort of a bean-bag (maybe after inducing a bit of your own ‘Reefer Sleep’) because ‘Hades Matrix’ is an epic adventure in music.

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