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Blacklistt-15318714-7This is New Zealand Rock at its finest, a bitter sweet backstory leading into what could be one of the best albums I have heard this year. To some people, they may have heard this sound before, to others, this is a new experience, but this band had been about for some time. Blacklistt wasn’t always known as Blacklistt, firstly they were known as Blindspott. An iconic NZ Rock band with songs called S.U.I.T. (So Us Is This) and Yours Truly.

Blacklistt sounds exactly like Blindspott, almost exactly where Blindspott ended in 06/07 with the album End the Silence, and that’s what I appreciate about this album. I’m not sure if Blacklistt looked back at what made Blindspott so popular and recreated that magic, but this album is magic.

I was a massive Blindspott, I still am and I found myself listening to their albums since buying Blacklistt’s self-titled album. And in my opinion, this is Blindspott, this is a Blindspott album, and this band will always be known to me as Blindspott. They sound the same, the video’s look the same, the concerts look the same, they have the same kind of followers. The only thing changed is the Drummer, and that’s not a bad thing to me. A must buy album, Let’s keep Blacklistt making New Zealand music.

– Ken De Montalk


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