Beastwars – IV (Album & Release Show)

When I first heard that Matt Hyde (Beastwars) had completed his Chemotherapy treatment, I was pleased and hoped he had made a solid recovery. When I learned soon after that Beastwars was in the studio recording IV, I morphed into something resembling an excited teenage girl. I was super fucking excited to say the least. And these 8 songs do not disappoint.

I have been listening to this album on Spotify since it was released, and I have to say it is not getting old. I love it. The progression that Beastwars has made with this album is astounding, while still sounding very much like the Beastwars I know.

Songs like “Raise The Sword” has an incredible arc in the middle, where “Storms of Mars” has this epic scaling guitar during the chorus. Not to mention Matt’s lyrics which gave me goosebumps; and I can’t help but give special mention to the haunting lyrics of “This Mortal Decay”, which are grim but fucking amazing.

All in all, I’ve been listening to IV exclusively for a week and I do not want to turn it off. IV is a fantastic album,  and I cannot wait to hear it live. Speaking of which, I just so happened to attend their live show, and have reviewed it below.

Doors opened and 8 and I  made a bee line for the merch table. Beastwars t-shirts you say? I’ll take one each. Beanie? Might as well. Expensive night, but oh so worth it.

The show kicks off with Enfire. Now, I haven’t heard too much of this band (mainly due to my own ignorance) but I definitely am a fan of what I heard. Slower pace, but damn that’s one hell of a sound. I’m definitely going to be spending a bit of time on their Spotify page.

Pieces of Molly took the middle spot, and holy shit those boys know how to bring energy to a show. I always love watching Pieces of Molly on stage, because they own it; and hearing their new stuff like “Bones” live was epic.

Then comes the main event. Beastwars. And wow. Just wow.  The set was a mixture of songs from older albums and new pieces from IV, which was just amazing. Then meeting Matt and Clayton after the show brought on a bit of a fanboy moment. They even offered me the opportunity to stay for a few drinks with them (which I had to decline due to recent sobriety) but nonetheless, I had the night of my life.

For lack of a better description, it was a fucking amazing show. Enfire are definitely on my listen list, Pieces of Molly know how to get the show going, and Beastwars came through and lay it down. The entire show was nothing short of magic. I can’t wait to do it all again.

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