Awakened Inferno – Fire in the Hole

Some bands know what works and stick to the same old formula, some bands take interesting twists and turns, I like to think Awakened Inferno have gone with both routes with Fire in the Hole. These guys know their way around music, they handle rhythm very well and can kick out some amazing guitar solos, but there are the odd occasions where the two are mixed when I feel they shouldn’t be. Times where the odd note, just sounds out of place, detracting from what is truly a brutal guitar riff.

It’s hard to pin this album down to one genre, some songs are slow and mellow and rocky, some songs are in your face; brutal and metal as fuck. If I had to label this genre for people I would have to say its metal. They have a very modern day, revamped, style that manages to keep the classic sound of older metal bands. Awakened Inferno don’t scream as much as you’re average metal band, and that’s fine, it’s a part of what gives it that great retro feel.

In conclusion, I like this Fire in the Hole, there are things I would change, like those little notes that interrupt a really great guitar riff, but all in all,
I really like what I’ve heard so far. They’re off the great start with their debut album and I look forward to hearing more from Awakened Inferno, these guys have a good future ahead of them.


– Ken De Montalk


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