Acacia Coterie

Acacia Coterie 28th August 2014
The girls of TribalDiva Belly Dance Company really wowed the crowd at their event, The Acacia Coterie. The doors opened on time with a good atmosphere of Tribal Fusion and inexpensive wine letting the punters arrange themselves in comfortable chairs. What followed was a plethora of Dance numbers starting with the TribalDiva girls dancing amongst the crowd. The dancers rarely limited themselves to the stage area reserving it for the more dangerous dances like the Tribal inspired Scottish sword dance where there were bagpipes, tribal beats, Belly dance, and sword balancing all at once.

The MC for the evening was Nicole from local band Picking At The Remnants. She provided some variation throughout the night by performing a few solo songs on her Keyboard and not hiding her love of Terry Reid at all.

You might think that’s all you could pack into a Belly Dance themed event but the TribalDiva ladies had a few more tricks hidden away. One such trick was a few of their associates performing their own form of Tribal Fusion by; Belly dancing to Heavy Metal, a Husband and Wife Drum solo, and Contorting along to Tribal drums. All in all it was a magical evening, everyone in the audience had a smile on their face and once the last group were done had no qualms about mingling with the crowd post show. My advice is to keep an eye on the TribalDiva Belly Dance Company as they run a tight professional show.

– John Arnold


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