8 Foot Sativa – Shadow Masters

ShadowMastersSo I’ve been listening to 8 Foot Sativa’s latest album, Shadow Masters, for some time now and I must admit, this is one badass album. Best way I can describe it is Thrash Metal meets Grunge meets Hate Made Me & Season For Assault, and depending on your point of view (this is mine) those 2 albums were their best. I’d quite happily put Shadow Masters up with Hate Made Me & Season For Assault.

As every 8 Foot fan knows, JACKHAMMER IS BACK, and it’s great to hear that iconic voice once again. The voice that Justin Neissen put into Hate Made Me and Season for Assault left with those albums, and virtually non-exsistant throughout Breed the Pain and Poison of Ages, for what reason, we don’t know, but Jackhammer is back (We hope it’s for good) and on top form, as though he never left.

Shadow Masters is mostly an up tempo album, with riffs that you can really thrash you head too. I can imagine 8 Foot Sativa creating some real mosh pits with this album, and for good reason too, Shadow Masters is (for lack of better words) a fucking great album. There is the choice to listen to Shadow Masters via Spotify for free, but don’t do it, go out, buy Shadow Masters, help out a badass local band and thrash your fucking head off, cause it’s worth it.

– Ken De Montalk


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