8 Foot Sativa @ New City Hotel

I’ve been excited for some shows but this show was next level hype. I know 8 Foot Sativa are top tier but holy shit. Lebowski, In Our Sights, Empire and 8 Foot Sativa all in one show is a guaranteed EPIC NIGHT.

I walked in, found a decent spot and was near on instantly serenaded by In Our Sights, and damn, they were on point that night. Sick riffs and sheer brutality. I remember having In Our Sights at Frostocalypse, their first show with guitarist Jacob Palmer and boy oh boy have they grown since then, they are crisp. With the new vocalist Mike Mattingley debuting with the band for the first time it was wicked to check out the new material. Time, effort, and no doubt a lot of booze have really made an impact, those boys know their shit. Hot damn.

Then Empire (Also at Frostocalypse) took the stage and damn did they keep up the pace. Empire are one of those band that you know is going to be a good time, and this was no exception. They played Shred Fest, they opened for Alien Weaponry, they opened for Dragonforce but this was (in my opinion) their biggest opener to date. As well, Empire have their own flair; something that makes their sound just a bit different and really stand out, it’s dope.

This one was new for me, I had never seen or heard Lebowski before, and I want to punch myself in the face for that, cause these guys tore it the fuck up. Since this show, I have managed to find them on Bandcamp with their record called Round One. Best $10 I’ve spent. Lebowski are some groovy cats with an epic sound. I hope to see these guys live again in future.

And there left only one. The main event. 8 FOOT SATIVA. And holy fucking shit, I have never seen the New City Hotel that packed. So packed that the pit had condensation dripping on them (as if anyone gave a shit, 8 Foot were playing). And man oh man it was good. The entire crowd erupted as soon as Jackhammer started As It Burns, I know cause I did to. But hearing the old songs like Chelsea Smile and Hate Made Me and 8 Foot Sativa was not only was awesome to hear but took me back to the days when I was too young to go to shows but I snuck in anyway.

Friday the 13th was an EPIC night. I walked into my day job the next morning with half a voice and no regrets. I will happily go see every one of those bands again. I look forward to any future work they they have planned and I’m happy to work with any one of these bands to put on shows or whatever. I want to thank each band for putting in the work that they have to get to where they are. I salute you. Altearoa salutes you.


Photography by Vince Clark Photography

8 Foot Sativa @ New City Hotel
Friday 13th October – 2017
Produced by Third Eye Music Management Ltd

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