Chaos & Mayhem Tour

Chaos & Mayhem Tour, Christchurch 18th June 2016

The final show of The Chaos & Mayhem Tour saw a good night of local rock down at Churchills Live. With Ashburton’s Couger Lounge, Timaru’s
The Emissions, and Christchurch’s own Smokin’ Voodoo it made for a fairly diverse line up. Featuring an odd mix of covers and originals at $5 it made for a cheap and entertaining night out.

Couger Lounge started the night off bringing a lot of energy to the stage. One advantage with performing covers is most of the audience is going to recognise the songs and know the lyrics, vocalist Brett Colgan really played this advantage and took the opportunity to get the crowd involved and singing, or at least making noises, along with him. Throw in an entertaining medley that proves, as most will know, that most pop-rock songs really are the same and you’ve got a lively bit of amusement to warm up a crowd.

Keeping the crowd interaction going with The Emissions, Jonny, their bassist even came down to take a seat with some of the audience. Lanz on vocals did put Brett to shame though when it came to stage energy though it is a bit easier to jump about the stage and get the crowd going when you don’t have a guitar weighing you down. In contrast though the on stage energy of the rest of the band did seem a bit wooden at times.

Ending with the powerhouse performance that is Smokin’ Voodoo rounded the night off well. A band with a lot of passion and enough history of playing together to make for a really tight performance. The audience can always tell when a band is really enjoying themselves or not and Smokin’ Voodoo are definitely a group that love what they do, you don’t go that hard on stage, and not love it.

Though the music was a lot softer than our typical night out, all three bands brought a lot of energy to the stage, and reminded us that New Zealand can still kick ass at rock. It may not always be the music you love the most, but that’s no reason it can’t make for a good night out, so if you see these guys playing near you check it out.

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